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Education Director & Community Liason


Davis Memorial Christian Church is a congregation of the Disciples of Christ founded in 1852, but is in the midst of transitioning to be come a church of the 21st century.  Our mission is to live as Jesus' disciples so as to fulfill our vision of making known the love of God.  We do this by practicing our core values of deepening our faith in Christ, uplifting those who are struggling, & spreading the great news of Jesus.  We are looking for an Education Director/Community Liason that will be an asset in realizing our vision by directing our preschool curriculum, coordinating existing youth ministries and developting new and innovative ways to reach out to the families of young adults within the community.


The Education Director/Community Liason will perform many tasks within the church that can be categorized into three key functions:


  • Directing the Preschool:  As director of the preschool, you will be head teacher of both the 3/4 year old & 4/5 year old classes.  You will be responsible for administering curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten based on Illinois State Standards.  You will oversee the Preschool teacher assistant and work with the assistant to meet the needs of each child in our program.  The current preschool hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-12pm from August to May.
  • Coordinating Existing Youth Ministries:  As Education Director, you will also act as coordinator for the existing youth ministries of the church.  The volunteer leaders of these ministries will report directly to you.  You will work with each leader to provide a cohesive structure that supports the youth of our church from preschool to young adulthood.  You will also work to foster the relationships between volunteers and youth so that our children are enriched in their individual journey of faith with the familiarity of their church family.
  • Reaching out to the Community:  As Community Liason you will be developing new and innovative ways to reach out to the surrounding community.  You will be working with community groups and leaders as necessary to expand the reach of our ministry.  You will focus on providing support, fellowship, and opportunity for families of all structures and backgrounds.  You will also develop innovative avenues to reach  young adults in our community.


A Degree or equivalent experience in early childhood/elementary eduction is suggested.  Experience in developing, administering and/or following current curriculum that meets the requirements of the State of Illinois for kindergarten readiness is favorable.  Team building and/or community development experience is beneficial.  Strong communication skills are important.  Management and organizational skills will be beneficial in overseeing and coordinating existing youth ministries.  An open and welcoming personality is ideal for this position.


Mail a cover letter & resume to:

Davis Memorial Christian Church

1500 W. Franklin St.

Taylorville, IL  62568