Our vision is to make known the love of God

God’s love is what describes and defines who Jesus is.  God’s love is the most powerful force in the world.  God’s love is what brings transformation in our lives, community and world.  We want others to know about and live in God’s love.  We believe it will change people’s lives for the better.


Davis Memorial Christian Church is a congregation of the Disciples of Christ and was founded in 1852.  It has operated at multiple locations throughout its existence, touching thousands of lives with God’s love through worship, Sunday School, men’s groups, women’s groups, bible study, and countless outreach minstries to Taylorville and the world.  We are grateful to be a part of God’s work today.


Our mission is to live as Jesus’ disciples.  After our baptism we are expected to nurture our faith and service to God.  We can grow in our discipleship through prayer, study of the bible and other spiritual materials, fellowship, worship and service to others.  Through these practices we learn how to live as Jesus’ disciples more and more.


Deepening our faith in Christ

Knowing the love of Christ is an ongoing process.  We have to constantly foster our relationship with Jesus.  Having an active prayer life, reading of scripture, engaging in worship, conversing with Christians and serving others informs our faith in Jesus.  Faith more than believes; we are also required to live at all times as Jesus’ disciples.

Uplifting those who are suffering & struggling

God’s love is not a concept, but a way of life.  God’s love uplifts those whose lives are filled with pain or feel out of control.  In Matthew 25 Jesus teaches that when we care for the least of these we are caring for him.  We reach out to those who suffer and struggle because we want to care for Jesus, and because we are grateful for his care of us.

Spreading the Great News of Jesus

The news Jesus brought to the world is exciting.  The love of Jesus is not a secret but one for all to know and experience.  We are committed to humbly share Jesus Great News of Love to those who are outcast, lonely, frightened and hated.